Le centre d'innovation et de technologie NGate Business de l'Université nationale An-Najah a lancé le premier hackathon malentendant en Palestine en partenariat avec Girls in Tech et Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Cinquante étudiants des départements de médecine, d'ingénierie, d'audiologie et d'orthophonie se sont joints physiquement et sur zoom. Le hackathon s'est concentré sur les malentendants et sur la manière dont l'intelligence artificielle est utilisée pour fournir des solutions.
Dr Mona Nabil Demaidi, directrice de NGate, a souligné l'importance de l'entrepreneuriat social et comment il aide les étudiants à développer des solutions qui contribuent aux SDGs.

CALL OF ABSTRACTS FOR THE International Symposium and Workshop 2022 on “Sustainable Solutions at Times of Transition (SuST)” will be held in Nisyros Island, Greece.

14-17 July 2022.


Dear colleagues,

The International Symposium and Workshop 2022 on Sustainable Solutions at Times of Transition (SuST)

will be held in Nisyros Island, Greece.14-17 July 2022.

Dear Collegues,

sending our best wishes for a Happy 2022, we are pleased to announce that our proposal for a thematic session at the VII CUCS Congress Naples 2022 "University Cooperation in the New Challenges for Sustainable Development" (April 21-23, 2022), entitled "Culture, fourth dimension of Sustainability" - proposal by Politecnico di Milano and Sapienza Univeristy of Rome - has been accepted (see attached file).

The project PyroBioFuel coordinated by Cairo University (member of the RMEIM network) in response to the Long-term Europe Africa Partnership on Renewable Energy Call for proposals has been recommended for funding. The consortium is composed of universities and research institutes from Morocco, Germany, South Africa and CNRS PIMM France.

RMEIM participates in the celebrations of the World Education Day as part of the work of the Francophonie Alliance of Universities for Equality between Men and Women.

Within the framework of the United Nations General Assembly declaring January 24th of each year as a World Education Day, the president of the RMEIM, Dr. Fatma ASHOUR, participates on Monday, January 24, 2022 in a scientific event via the Teams app on the link (https://urlz.fr/eIsf), and organized by the Center for Educational Innovations and Distance Learning, and within the work of the Francophonie Alliance of Universities for Equality between Men and Women. The celebration is held under the title: “Empowering Women in Higher Education: Pathways for Prosperity”It deals with the role of women in higher education and how to include sustainable development goals in the educational process, especially the fifth goal on equality between men and women.It is worth noting that this celebration comes within the coalition's business plan, which will be announced soon and implemented during 2022, and experts from Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, and France will participate. This event is part of the global celebrations announced by UNESCO via the Internet through the link: https://festival.learning-planet.org/fr/jan-24-enWhich the world witnesses and is held under the slogan: "Changing Course, Transforming Education".More information about the speakers is in the attachments: To register: https://urlz.fr/hbpj

Integrating SDGs in Higher Education—Case of Climate Change Awareness and Gender Equality in a Developing Country According to RMEI-TARGET Strategy

We thank Professors Mona Nabil Demaidi and Khaled Al-Sahili  from Palestine, Al Najah University, for their contribution to TARGET-RMEI Living Lab on GA knowledge consolidation  

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