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Michel Angelo Workshop GAME

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GAMe’s:history and activities

GAMe is the acronymous of Young Mediterranean Ambassadors. It’s a project belonging to RMEI,  the Network of Engineering and Management Schools.

GAMe association gathers together the young Mediterranean Engineers and Management students.

GAMe is an international student network. 

It is the apolitical, laical, non-profitable student section of the RMEI universities . 

GAMe is the association of Mediterranean students belonging mainly to engineering schools whose members join on an exclusively voluntary basis.  

Aim of GAMe

  • GAMe aims to have engineering students from around the Mediterranean working and communicating together in preparation of an international career. 
  • GAMe wants to answer this point by giving students the opportunity to meet each other and to work together. 
  • The goal is to make them more familiar with other cultures and other way of thinking and to enrich their own through the experience they gain. 


The final aim of GAMe is to reach a close cooperation and a continuous promotion of students initiatives among the Mediterranean Schools

  • educational exchanging,
  • continuity of participation,
  • Interdisciplinarity,
  • Intersectorality,
  • internationality ,
  • promotion of mobility, 
  • development of skills and versatility, 
  • co-research studies, 
  • voluntary social and cultural network, 
  • mentoring and trainings activities,


GAMe for education 

GAMe aims to promote and develop students’ mobility, thus encouraging universities to develop their mobility programs and an exchange program, connecting people. 


GAMe's Newsletter, activities and events in 2019

GAMe's Newsletter, activities and events in 2017

Presentazione GAMe 2017

GAMe Barcelona

Report GAMe 2017


AG Barcelone 2017

Mot d'ouverture de Pr. Abdelmajid Ben Amara : Président du RMEI

AG Barcelone 2017

Mot de bievenue de Madame Lourdes Reig Puig : Vice-présidente des relations internationales
UPC Barcelona


Présentation générale de l'accréditation des cursus ingénieurs par Maurice PINKUS de la CTi


Présentation du RMEI par le professeur Olivier Boiron Directeur Général - Détails de l'organisation et des activités en cours du RMEI


Présentation du professeur Ahmed Cheikh Larbi - La coopération transfrontalière dans les écoles d'ingénieurs, bilan et perspectives


Mot d'ouverture du secrétaire d'état responsable de la recherche scientifique

Message Vidéo Mme Delphine Borione

RMEI Partners

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