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11th International School  Awareness and Responsibility of Environmental Risk

6th Young Researchers’ Round Table International Scientific Conference L’Aquila and Civitavecchia, Italy 23-31 August 2019

Dear members of the network 
Dear collegues and Freinds 
We'd like to inform you that the RMEIsupports the organization of the XI edition of the l'Aquila University summer school on Risk management.
We are waiting for your participation.


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Speaker: Prof Mohamed LARARI, ENSTP Alger

The 3rd edition of RMEI colloquium on accreditation, MedAccrid, was held from the 24th to the 25th of april at the Ecole Polytechnique d’Oran – Maurice Audin. Mixing presentations from experts in accreditation and quality assurance with testimonies from schools that have recently obtained the EU-RACE label, the symposium enabled the graduated engineering schools to take knowledge of the main procedures of international accreditations for engineering education.

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Dear RMEI friends,

It was a great pleasure to meet and discuss with more of you at SAPIENZA, Roma, during the RMEI GA and the TARGET workshop!
All of us, present at the GA, have approved the RMEI Gender Equality Policy Statement and agreed to work on Gender Equality and SDGs generally.
I would like to thank all of you for this great achievement and the wonderful co-sharing, synergies, and collaboration. 
This proves that RMEI's vision on Sustainable Development is endorsed unanimously.
You can find attached the approved STATEMENT.
I trust that all of us will promote it into our Institutions and hopefully add this in our institution's web site.
Wishing you, all the best
Anastasia Zabaniotou, prof
TARGET coordinator within RMEI

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