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Product–service systems (PSS) have emerged in the industrial sector as a novel business approach able to augment customer satisfaction and value, while reducing the manufacturers’ costs and improving environmental performances of the product’s life cycle. Such an approach relies on the design and development of solutions merging both the physical characteristics of a product and the immaterial services related to its whole life cycle, contributing to a Circular Economy (CE) and resource-efficient business.

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Dear RMEI freinds,
Great achievement from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport (AASTMT)
It is our pleasure to inform all RMEI member that the Vice President of the AASTMT for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research on behalf of the President of the AASTMT has approved to formally join to the RMEI Gender Equality Policy Statement and has request all the faculties to implement the necessary means to enforce its implementation in our Institution.

Best regards

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#Chaire : Le Professeur Olivier Boiron  voit sa Chaire Unesco Unitwin 651 "Innovation pour le développement durable" renouvelée pour une durée de 4 ans, gage de l’excellent travail réalisé depuis 2004. 👏

Cette Chaire participera à l'animation du Réseau Méditerranéen des Ecoles d’Ingénieurs (RMEI), un exemple réussi de coopération Nord-Sud, mettant en œuvre des programmes et activités conjoints entre 17 pays et 70 établissements d’enseignement supérieur.  

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11th International School  Awareness and Responsibility of Environmental Risk

6th Young Researchers’ Round Table International Scientific Conference L’Aquila and Civitavecchia, Italy 23-31 August 2019

Dear members of the network 
Dear collegues and Freinds 
We'd like to inform you that the RMEIsupports the organization of the XI edition of the l'Aquila University summer school on Risk management.
We are waiting for your participation.


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