ENSAM - France
ENIM - Tunisia
ENSM-SE - France
INPT - Morroco
Centrale Marseille - France
Sapienza Rome - Italia
ISEN Toulon - France
UPC - Spain
ISI Toulon Var - France
Polytechnique Milan - Italia
UPV - Spain

RMEI in a few Key Data


4 Colleges (Engineering, Management, Architecture, Agronomy)

1 student structure (GAMe)

more than 100 universities and colleges

16 Mediterranean countries

more than 100,000 students

more than 30 associate members



Young Ambassador of the Mediterranean



Students working group

  • GAMe structure
  • Student and Mobility for a Better Employment 
  • Quality of Education
  • Mediterranean Massive Open On line courses

R&D working group

  • Med-Tracking
  • MERIE Mediterranean Efficient Renewable Intelligent Energies
  • Management of water resources
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Conservation of Cultural Heritage
  • Cindynics
  • Mediterranean Union for Research and Innovation
  • Dual PhD 

Culture working group

  • Scientific culture

Upcoming launch of HOMERe program website

High Opportunity for Mediterranean Executives Recruitment

Connecting graduates to business through international internships.

Profile1) Increase employability prospects for high-level post-graduates in the region, and in particular their access to qualified first jobs, through the implementation of 6-months international internships at the headquarters of a company with Mediterranean development prospects.
2) Facilitate recruitment procedures and guarantee successful recruitment procedures for employers located in the participating countries. HOMERe will support employers in in identifying high-level post-graduates whose profile meets their business development needs in the region. Through the selection of internship positions fitting as much as possible with the companies’ real needs, HOMERe will also involve employers in the skills development of post-graduates.

Project labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)

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