Dear RMEI members, dear friends,
Due to the pandemic the General Assembly and the Board meeting  will be organised 27th of november.

9h30 - 11h30 :  the Board  meeting  adgenda

12h -14h :  the General Assembly  adgenda

The 4th Institutional Workshop RMEI-TARGET will take place on 25th of March 2020 at the National Engineering School of Sousse-Tunisia. Participants will be the TARGET working group members and Dr. Sonia Bahri Advisor to the president of France for scientific affairs, sustainable development and international cooperation and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Peace Studies Programme at Université Paris Dauphine. Please find attached the Agenda


Congratulation Excellent paper about gender equality, written by Pr. Anastasia Zabaniotou the scientific coordinator of the TARGET H2020 project for RMEI, entitled:

Towards gender equality in Mediterranean Engineering Schools through networking, collaborative learning, synergies and commitment to SDGs-The RMEI approach

ZABANIOTOU publication on TARGET


link in

Product–service systems (PSS) have emerged in the industrial sector as a novel business approach able to augment customer satisfaction and value, while reducing the manufacturers’ costs and improving environmental performances of the product’s life cycle. Such an approach relies on the design and development of solutions merging both the physical characteristics of a product and the immaterial services related to its whole life cycle, contributing to a Circular Economy (CE) and resource-efficient business.

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